Mike Hyatt Landscape Architects

Play Spaces


This community park was designed to encourage the meeting of all ages for play, eating, recreation, closeness to nature and a sense of tranquility.

BARRHEAD PLAY PARK East Renfrewshire

This redesign of an existing linear play area used bold-coloured rubber surfacing to enliven the space and fencing to create a maze-like experience.


This is a water-based play space at the world-famous Falkirk Wheel, designed by MHLA to engage all ages in the joy of playing with water and to highlight how precious water is as a resource. Features include a mini canal with lock gates, archimedes screw, spinning drums and bicycle-powered pump. Interpretation text describes how these technologies came about, and how they are still used today in some parts of the world, for example to irrigate crops.

STIRLING PLAY AREAS Various Locations Stirlingshire

To date MHLA have designed and completed fourteen play spaces across Stirlingshire. The emphasis in these play areas is for a tactile experience of natural materials. MHLA’s designs bring out the playable qualities of landscape features and natural forms, in addition to play equipment.